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1.27sI don't see Skinner anywhere.
3.35sHe's probably in costume. He could be any of these people.
3.25sThey're all too old to be dressed up like super-people.
3.44sHomer, let's just hurry up and go home so I can yell at you.
2.24sOh, my goodness. It's Matt Groening!
4.1s(DR. HIBBERT CHUCKLING) Wow! The creator of Futurama!
3.82sMr. Groening, will you autograph my Bender doll?
4.4sSure. I'm happy to give anyone my autograph anytime or anywhere.
3.02sOn the street, in a store or on my private property.
1.67sBut why be happy with just an autograph?
2.32sWhat about an original sketch or snippet of my hair?
2.17sAnd don't forget to pull my beard. They say it's good luck.
1.48sLook, there they are!
2.74sThey're going into Multi-Purpose Room B.
1.78sThat room has a dry erase board!
1.97sThey could be doing anything in there!
3.04sEdna, the Klingons have a romantic saying...