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1.67sSo, question.
2.54sThis is gonna seem stupid, but I've been dying to know.
4.6sThe Dog Whisperer. What is that? Is any of that true?
1.6sOh, my God, I'm sorry. I've offended you.
1.5sNo, no, no, no, not at all, Stewie, no.
3.2sSome of that stuff is right on.
2.1sReally? Wow. Well, give me a "for instance."
1.77sWell, the guy talks about... Cesar Millan?
7.24sRight, Cesar Millan talks about living in the moment because that's how dogs live, you know? We live in the moment.
1.6sI so don't live in the moment.
2.3sI'm always, "Oh, remember that petting zoo?"
2.03sOr, "I can't wait to go to Florida."
2.7sI'm never, like, really present.
1.52sYou gotta help me work on that.
2sOh, definitely. Definitely, man.
2.62sLive with purpose, you know? Celebrate every day.
2.6sHe talks about all those things that dogs do.
3.34sLike, we do that. Dogs do that. It's instinctual.