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3.59sOkay, left ear. Left ear. Right now, stick it in. Come on, dude.
1.65sCan I just say before...
1.7sCan we just, like, take two...
2.42sI love... You're so brave.
1.88sI just love how brave you're being right now.
2.13sThis is like the closest I've ever felt to you.
2.12sOkay. Oh, my God, I was thinking the same thing.
3.4sWe are so "us" right now. Do you know that?
1.97sOkay, okay, okay.
1.52sOkay, here we go.
2.54s(SCREAMS) Oh, my God!
0.85sOh! Are you okay?
1.1sIs it over?
1.95sI think. I don't know where the pin went.
1.43sWait, move your hand.
2.57sOh, wow! Oh! Shit!
1.4sWhat? What? What is it?
1.37sThere's so much blood.
1.48sIt's stuck in there.
2.1sI think the pin's too thick to go all the way through.
1.33sGet it out!
2.17s(SCREAMS) Got it.
0.95sHow's it look?
1.42sReally? Oh, that's good.
3.3sOh, I knew it was... I knew it would look cool.
5.02sWait, don't we have to put an earring in it so the hole won't close?