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1.87sI feel like a big boy right now.
1.63sYeah, this isn't so bad, right?
2.27sIt's like a very private party.
1.53sI feel like dancing.
2.67sYeah, you know how to move.
4.24sThat is real... Wow, that is awesome. I'm really impressed.
3.4sOh, wait, I can hurdle my own leg like they used to do in the '90s.
3.3sOkay, all right, this is gonna sound really weird.
1.1sThis is gonna sound really weird,
1.44sbut I really want you to do it, okay?
3.97sFirst you have to say that you'll do it before I tell you, no matter what it is.
1.63sAll right. Really?
1.58sYeah. Sure, what is it?
2.42sI want you to pierce my ear.
1.75sLet's do it. You mean it?
3.27sBecause I... Look at my face. I'm totally serious. Are you totally serious?
1.57sI'm with you. I'm on the train!
1.63sDo you have a needle?