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1.48sHalf 6:00?
2.1sYes. You have to return it within a fortnight for a refund.
2.64sI love it, but I feel like it was too much.
3.44sCute, right? It's Thom Browne. It was over $3,000.
2.28sYou spent $3,000 on a sweater?
1.64sWhat's it to you?
1.8sThat's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. You're a moron.
1.33sA pretentious moron.
1.72sDrop dead. I was returning it anyway.
1.3sWhere'd you even get that kind of money?
2.1sNone of your goddamn business, that's where.
2.24sYou know, today started as a really nice outing,
1.33sbut as usual, you had to ruin it.
1.23sI had to ruin it?
4.42sYeah, you. I was actually hoping that you'd talk me out of returning the sweater.
2.22sSo, you're right, I guess I am a moron.
2.84sYou know, it's the one time I ever splurged on myself,
1.83sand you have to go and make me feel foolish.
1.33s- Look, I didn't... - Save it, okay?
2.7sI'll be waiting outside under the porte cochere.