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2.67sYeah, no, no, I won't tell anybody. I swear!
1.8sOkay, how should we do it?
2.07sI guess it's dealer's choice, really.
3.84sI suppose the easiest way would be to use the diaper as a bowl of sorts.
1.23sDo you know how to take it off?
2.2sNo, I've never done it myself. Mum does it.
1.83sAll right, well, we should get your overalls off first.
1.9sI know how to do the snaps.
1.35sThere. I did it.
1.85sOkay, good. Now let's get your feet out.
2.74s(CHUCKLING) I can't believe we're doing this.
1.57sOh, really smells bad, doesn't it?
2.24sYeah. You sure you can't stay like this?
1.83sI'm getting a rash, Brian. I can feel it.
2.1sOkay, okay, I can do this.
0.75sAll right, lay down.
2sIt's so amazing to me that you know how to do that.
1.47sIt's like watching someone do algebra.
1.97sI just have no conception of how it's done.
1.75sOh, God!
2.47s(COUGHING) Okay, you ready?
4.45s(BREATHING DEEPLY) (EXCLAIMS) Don't do it right here! I don't want to watch!
1.7sWhat? Take it over there. Do it in the corner.