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1.1sThank you. What are you doing?
2.24sThis will just take a second. Give me that!
3.25sHi, this is Stewie Griffin. Who am I talking to?
5.82sHi, Matthew. I think you're the salesman who helped me pick out a Thom Browne sweater two weeks ago.
2.59sYes, I was going to see The Bounty Hunter that night.
2.5sWell, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Good memory, my word.
2.03sAnyway, it doesn't fit properly and...
1.02sGive me the damn phone!
1.68sHey! Stop it.
3.4sAnd I don't think I'm gonna make it to the store before closing time today.
2.6sIs it possible to get an extension on that refund?
1.77sUh-huh. No exceptions, I see.
2.9sSo you're telling me, if I was James Franco calling,
3.54sI would still not be able to get an extension for one day?
1.97sYes, Matthew, I will hold for your manager.
1.33s(WHISPERS) I'm gonna wrap this up so quickly.
1.88sHey! Sorry, he's gonna have to call you back...
1.47sIt's dead.
2.92sYou wasted the one phone call we had to return a sweater?
3.27sA $3,000 sweater, which I am now stuck with.
1.1sOh, this day.
6.87s(EXCLAIMS IN PAIN) You stink! And now I'm trapped in here with you and your stink because you were too stupid to call somebody who could help us!