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3.29s(GUN COCKING) Stewie, come on. You don't know how to use that thing.
2.58sOh, really? What if I hold it sideways like a black guy?
2.69sCome on, man. Take it easy, all right? I don't want any trouble.
2.62sThere's not gonna be any trouble as long as you eat my poo.
1.07sThat's not happening.
1.37sWell, then I'll be forced to shoot you.
1.07sGo ahead. There aren't any bullets in that gun.
1.23s- I don't believe you. - Then shoot me.
1.05sI will. Do it.
0.3sI will!
0.88sThen do it! What are you waiting for?
2.2sGo on! I will! I'll blow your fucking head off!
2.25sWait a minute. Don't you have your cell phone with you?
1.4s(EXCLAIMS) You're right!
2.6s(BEEPING) Oh, no, low battery.
1.28sI have to make this call count.
1.77sHurry up. It's ringing.
1.17sOh, thank God.
1.52sCome on, come on.