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3.47sAnd, of course, then what am I gonna do with no diaper?
2.84sI'm not gonna walk around here with my Tic Tac hanging out.
1.3sI need a clean diaper.
1.78sI told you, we don't have any clean diapers.
2.5sWell, no, not right now we don't, no.
3sBut if the poo were to be removed...
1.57sI'm not following you.
3.89sIf the poo were to be removed...
2sWhat does that... What are you driving at?
1.15sEat it.
1.32sEat my poo, Brian.
1.32sYou're out of your fucking mind.
1.57sNow, you promised you'd hear me out.
1.83sBesides, is it really that big a deal?
1.9sYou just said yourself that you're starving.
2.2sAnd, you know, I've seen you eat shit before, Brian.
1sYeah, mine!
1.47sIs that really a huge distinction?
1.3sIt is to me!
3sI can't even... How would... That's sick! That is sick!
2.27sHow messed up in the head are you that you would even ask?
1.8sLook, okay, okay, just calm down, okay?
1.47sWe're not... We're just talking.
1.47sWe're not doing anything yet.
2.4sAll right, we're just talking. Nobody's doing anything at this point.
3.94sDogs sometimes eat feces. It's not a judgment, it's just a fact.
4.2sSo what I would need you to do is eat what's in my diaper,