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1.07sYou can have...
2.17sUm... Um...
1.64sYou can have...
1.63sYou can have strawberry yogurt.
1.27sI don't like strawberry yogurt.
4.07sOh, picky for someone who eats the same food out of a plastic bowl on the floor every night.
1.4sOkay, I get it.
4.29sA bowl that starts in the kitchen at the beginning of a meal and ends up in the living room.
0.05sShut up.
2.23sAnd then forgets four seconds later that he ate it.
0.46sShut up!
0.84sHarsh tone.
1.8sYou just got bumped down to coconut mint.
1.43sHey, Bri?
1.43sHow come you have a gun?
1.2sI don't know.
0.98sWhat do you mean you don't know?
4.6sWhat about all that liberal crap you're always spewing about stricter gun regulations?
1.87sYou even cried after Columbine.
1.63sBecause that was a national tragedy.
2.09sOh, it was kind of a regional tragedy.
1.63sIt's just weird, you know?
2.1sI mean, you're the last person anybody would expect to have a gun.
1.87sWell, that's why I keep it here, where it's safe.