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2.04sOh, yuck. What happened to my ear?
1.33sWe pierced it.
1.93sOh, yeah.
2.33sA lot of crazy shit went on last night.
1.57sWell, we were both drunk.
1.67sOh, of course, of course. Oh, yes, that's right.
2.7sWe were four pillows to the breeze, my friend.
1.13sI don't know what the phrase is.
1.47sWhat're you... What are you reading?
1.4sDavid Copperfield.
1.97sIt looks old. It's a first edition.
1.87sThat's why I keep it in my safety deposit box.
1.27sIt's by Charles Dickens.
1.07sWhat are you doing?
1.13sI was hungry.
0.88sYou want one?
1.64sYou've had energy bars this whole time?
1.13sYou idiot!
3.04sNot energy bars. Jenny Craig Anytime Bars.
2.07sAnd you just bitched yourself out of a bite.
2.8sAll right, I'm sorry. All right, can I have one, please?
1.2sAll right.
1.97s- Can you give me a caramel one? - No.
1.07sYou can have...
2.17sUm... Um...
1.64sYou can have...
1.63sYou can have strawberry yogurt.
1.27sI don't like strawberry yogurt.