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1.97s- I hope I'm not bothering you. - Nope.
2.67sJust doing some stretching. Maybe a few poses.
1.5sYou'll tell me if I'm bothering you, right?
3.37sI know what you're thinking. Stewie's so late to the yoga party.
2.94sI'm not even any good. Right?
3.1sI mean, I'm okay. You know, I'm not the worst in the class.
1.97sI've even been singled out a few times.
2.95sProbably because it's mostly pregnant women in the group.
3.32sStill, Brody must see something, although I certainly don't.
2.07sBut then again I'm not the instructor, am I?
2.04sOh, yuck. What happened to my ear?
1.33sWe pierced it.
1.93sOh, yeah.
2.33sA lot of crazy shit went on last night.
1.57sWell, we were both drunk.
1.67sOh, of course, of course. Oh, yes, that's right.
2.7sWe were four pillows to the breeze, my friend.
1.13sI don't know what the phrase is.
1.47sWhat're you... What are you reading?
1.4sDavid Copperfield.