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1.78sOh, just calling it like I see it.
1.95sOh, I see. Is that what we're doing?
1.87sAll right, well, I'll play that game with you.
1.38sOh, yeah? What are you gonna do?
1.53sYou think I care about you?
1.03sI don't.
1.55sYes, you do. I know you do.
1.4sI don't really care.
3.74sNo, you're just smart enough and you're just clever enough to occasionally amuse me.
3.14sIf I had anybody else, anybody else to choose from, I would.
4.14sYou are the best of a bad situation. Nothing more.
1.72sI use you, man.
1.72sYeah, I would know if you were using me.
2.59sOh, you would? I got you to eat my shit.
1.23sAnd you know why I did it?
1.74sYeah, you were afraid you were going to get sick.
1.57sBecause I wanted to see if I could.
2.54sCome on, Brian, I spend half the day in a dirty diaper.
2.53sI was bored. Just passing the time.
2.77sI thought, "How low can I get this douche bag to go?"
1.38sOh, my God!
2.85sAnd when you did it, I actually felt sorry for you.
1.47sThere. Your turn.
1.17sYou're a monster.