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4.04sWay to go!
3.64sI can't believe it. That was Itchy all right. You did invent him.
3.44sWhen people see this, you'll be rich and famous.
5.64sThat was a nice film I had once. Last time I try to impress a four-year-old.
2.7sWell, see ya, kid.
4.3sYou can't just go back to the gutter. You created Itchy. You should be a millionaire.
2.8sAh, Roger Myers wouldn't give me a cent in the '20s.
2.13sWhy would he give me anything now?
4.8sYou asked Roger Myers Sr. for money. Roger Myers jr.'s in charge of the studio now.
2.8sHe's a good man. Every Christmas he goes down to the pound...
3.24sand rescues one cat and one mouse and gives them to a hungry family.