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3.09sSir, what rescue operations are planned?
4.62sThe plan is, basically, to pave over the area and get on with our lives.
3.65sNews of the mine's closing sent titanium prices skyrocketing.
1.1sAll right! I'm rich!
1.18sWhat are you talking about?
1.67sMy body's 40% titanium.
4.34sI'm finally richer than those snooty A.T.M. machines.
1.48sToo bad you can't spend it.
0.31sOh, can't I?
1.8sWatch me, poor man.
2.77sPleasure doin' business with you.
1.37sGame's over, losers!
1.7sI have all the money.
4.42sCompare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.