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1.2sWe'll just call him "Bill" for now.
1.84sEscaped? I didn't escape.
4.34sJust this morning, a very nice gentleman opened my cell door and said I was free to go.
2.27sYeah, nice try. That's not how it works.
2.67sUncle Patrick, why do you strangle fat people?
2.97sIt's probably a weird fetish thing. Some criminals have 'em.
3.74sLike those anal-retentive bandits who robbed Quahog Bank last year.
2.09sAll right, hands in the air! Vertically!
1.97sBoth arms should be parallel to each other!
2.42sYou, fill this bag with clean, unmarked bills.
3.57sBut first, fix that notepad so it's at a right angle with the corner of your desk!
2.49sAnd tap that pile of receipts against a flat surface,
2.03sso they're not sticking out haphazardly!
1.85sYou know what? Forget about the money! Everybody grab a broom!
1.7sWe are straightening this place up!
2.6sAll right, campers, until the Fat Guy Strangler is caught,
2.47severyone has to stay inside their cabins.
1.37sNow I'm gonna do a stomach count.
2.13sWhen I call your name, please respond.
6.01sJenkins? (STOMACH RUMBLES) Robertson? (STOMACH GROWLS) - Davis? (STOMACH GROWLS) Elliot?