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2.54sWell, we clearly don't have all the evidence yet,
2.23sbut that's never stopped us before, right?
1.5sOh, there's no other cops here.
2.9sBut we do know one thing, this kid was murdered.
1.27s- (ALL GASP) - Murdered?
2.77sWho in the world would want to kill a camper?
3sJASON: Don't look at me. I'm just here to drop off my son.
4.52sJustin? Justin, that does not work for me.
3.08sAnd it looks like there are signs of trauma around the throat.
1.83sSomebody strangled this fat kid.
2.04s- Wait. He was strangled? - Yeah.
1.8sJoe, I know who did it.
1.5sYou do? Who?
3.67sWell, there's only one person I know who likes to strangle fat guys,
1.37sPatrick Pewterschmidt.
1.9sWho's that? My brother-in-law.
2.32sPeople call him the Fat Guy Strangler.
2.57sHe's always had a thing for strangling fat guys.