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1.05sLand ho!
1.03sWhere? Where?
1.53sPsych! Made you look, loser.
4.04sGood thing there wasn't land or else you'd have to meet the natives with that mustard stain on your shirt.
4.07sWhat stain? Ah! (BLOWS RASPBERRY) (GROANS) Why did I even bring you on this trip?
2.77sBecause I'm the best damn land spotter in all of Europe.
1.54sIt's true. You are the best.
2sYeah, I don't need you to tell me that.
3.4s(PANTING) Dad, I can't take this anymore.
3.25sI'm so tired and I'm so hungry.
1.83sI got an idea, Chris. Follow me.
1.15sWhat are we doing?
2sI saw a forest like this in a book one time,
2.47sand I know there's a gingerbread house out here somewhere.
1.43sDo you think we could find it?
1.43sWe have to, Chris.
1.85sWe gotta eat something besides what they're feeding us.
1.27sI know what you mean, Dad.
2.88sI'm so hungry I could eat this dead camper.
1.25sHoly crap!
2.54sWell, we clearly don't have all the evidence yet,
2.23sbut that's never stopped us before, right?