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5.6sStewie? (GUN COCKS) Rupert, we won't give that evil robot the satisfaction of killing us.
2.94sWe'll go together on our own terms.
1.63sSee you on the other side.
2.27sOh, my God! Stewie, no!
1.23sWhat the hell's wrong with you?
2.17sIt's that robot! He killed Queen,
1.5sand now he's going to kill me!
2.4sHe didn't kill Queen. They're all fine.
1.17sMost of them are fine.
1.83sLook, Stewie, I'm sorry for scaring you, all right?
2.19sBut come on, it's not a real robot.
1.9sSee? It, It's just an album. Look.
1.6sHere, you want to hit it?
3.47sI'm usually more comfortable around things if I can put them in my mouth.
1.97sSo, can I put it in my mouth?
1.23sI guess.
1.33sThis is just an album!