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1.8sAhhh! Salad!
3.1s(BOYS SCREAMING) Thank you for sharing, Leonard.
2.5sAnd I think getting a new couch was the way to go.
2.2sIs there someone else who has a story they'd like to share?
1.02sUh, yeah, sure.
2.3sThis one time, I was on a city bus,
2.7sand the guy next to me was eating a bucket of fried chicken.
1.84s- Oooh! - Yum!
3.07sAnd the smell was getting to me, you know.
2.04sAnd even though I didn't know the guy,
2.77sI just dug in and started stuffing that chicken into my mouth.
1.17sEmbarrassing. I've done that.
2.24sIt was so delicious. But...
2.27sIt wasn't fried chicken.
2.77sIt was a baby!
1.83s(SOBBING) It was a baby.
5.6sStewie? (GUN COCKS) Rupert, we won't give that evil robot the satisfaction of killing us.
2.94sWe'll go together on our own terms.
1.63sSee you on the other side.
2.27sOh, my God! Stewie, no!