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2.87sOur top story tonight, in a shocking turn of events,
2.17sthe city of Detroit has officially given up.
4.34sThe now former mayor has given the key to the city back to the Huron Indian tribe.
1.53sSo, farewell, Detroit.
3.1sFrom Bob Seger to Axel Foley, we never really cared.
1.62sJoyce? Thanks, Tom.
2.94sIn local news, Quahog is expecting a special guest this weekend,
3.52sfamed Asian competitive eating champion, Charles Yamamoto.
4.4sYamamoto has not yet lost a hot dog eating competition on his world tour.
3.14sBut if you think you have what it takes to beat the best eater in the world,
4.7scome down to the James Woods High parking lot this Saturday with $50 and a large appetite.
3.22sWe should probably note that that is not a photo of Charles Yamamoto.
4.4sThat's another overweight Asian guy, but you get the idea.
2.2sWow, maybe, you should enter the contest, Dad.
1.53sI'll bet you could win.
2.74sWell, I would, Chris, if I wasn't so obsessed with my figure.
2.84sWait a minute. Chris, have you ever eaten anything?
1.75sOnly, like, all the time!
2.08sPerfect! Now we just need the 50 bucks.
3.15sDamn it, I knew I shouldn't have named that star for Mort.