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1.23sHow come you don't have to go?
1.03sWhat are you talking about?
2.8sWell, you're the one who entered him in that hot dog eating contest.
1.17sBesides, he's right.
2.4sYou could stand to lose a few pounds yourself.
2.14sUnless you don't think you could handle it.
1.57sOh, yeah?
1.4sWell, I think I can.
2.17sWhat was that? Never you mind what that was.
2.65s(CLANGING) Rise and shine, everyone!
2.5sWhat do you got there? A candy bar, huh?
2s- Got any other contraband? - No.
1.8sDon't lie to me. My father was a lawyer.
1.67sOh, so your dad gets guys off.
2.2s(LAUGHING) Peter Griffin. Cabin clown.
1.27sWhere's your bag, fatty?
2.33sYou're welcome to search my beef case.
1.77sBut there's mutton in there.
1.74s(LAUGHS) Peter Griffin. Cabin clown.
1.7sYou're in big trouble, mister.