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2.12s(LAUGHS) What was I worried about?
3.3s(SCREAMING) Oh, God!
1.23s(SHOUTING) He's bleeding, man!
2.74sHe's bleeding, and nobody's doing anything about it!
1.63sI'll tell you what the news of the world is.
2.03sWe're in a lot of goddamn trouble!
1.35sAll right, Chris, this is it.
1.37sThis is what we've been working for.
4.3sIf you get nervous, just picture the audience naked and slide those hot dogs down your throat.
1.52sLadies and gentlemen,
3.32swelcome to the World Hot Dog Eating Championship Competition!
2.72sPlease welcome our undefeated champion eater,
2.3sCharles Yamamoto!