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1.63sOh, wow! I haven't seen those in a while.
2.74sThose are my old Playboys from the '70s.
1.92sPETER: Oh, my God, this one's so hot.
1.94sYou can almost see a little bit of woman.
1.99sOh, Peter, you've got some pretty cool albums here.
3.4sYeah, well, I was one cool potato back in the day.
1.68sYou know, some of these might actually be worth something.
2.6sLook at this... Beatles, Rolling Stones.
2.15sOh, my God, I haven't seen this one in forever.
2.1sLook, Look at this. Queen, News of the World.
1.13sCheck it out.
2.1s(SCREAMS) What's the matter?
2.14sWhat the hell is that? A killer robot monster?
3.07sNo, it's News of the World. It's an album by the band Queen. See?
1.63s(SCREAMS) Stewie, relax.
2.27sNo, Brian! You keep that thing away from me!
3.14sIs it... Is it looking at me? Can it see me?
2.64s(CHUCKLES) Man, you're really scared of this thing, huh?
1.5sDoes it eat little boys?
2.1sI don't know. Maybe, if it's hungry.
2.42sHere's 50 bucks. I'm taking this album.
1.13sOh, wow! Check it out, Chris!
2.27sWe got our entry fee for the eating contest!