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1.75sOnly, like, all the time!
2.08sPerfect! Now we just need the 50 bucks.
3.15sDamn it, I knew I shouldn't have named that star for Mort.
2.05s(GROANS) Just give me the money.
3.6sPeter, we're not spending $50 so Chris can stuff his face with hot dogs.
2.64sAll right, fine. I'll figure out a way to get the cash myself.
1.13sI'm a smart guy.
1.97sPeter, no, you're not.
2.74sDon't you feel ridiculous now?
2.65sAll right, Chris, if we're gonna pay the entry fee for that eating contest,
1.77swe got to sell some of my old stuff.
1.47sWhat are these, Dad?
1.63sOh, wow! I haven't seen those in a while.
2.74sThose are my old Playboys from the '70s.
1.92sPETER: Oh, my God, this one's so hot.
1.94sYou can almost see a little bit of woman.
1.99sOh, Peter, you've got some pretty cool albums here.