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2.97sThey want me to be the new artistic director of the Quahog Players!
1.07sAll right, Mom!
0.83sAre you gonna do it?
1.03sI don't know.
1.72sIt's such a big responsibility.
1.6sI--I need a moment to think.
1.65sOk, I'll do it.
4.57sThis just in. Lois Griffin has been named the new artistic director of the Quahog Players.
5.84sAll those years of paying my dues as musical director under that old hack have finally paid off.
1.43sOh, Lois, congratulations.
3.32sOur little theater group finally has a committed visionary at its helm.
1.6sAnd such an attractive one.
2.68sBrian, you'll have to audition just like everyone else.
1.4sOh, God, of course. I--I--
1.67sOh, You didn't think-- You thought I was--
1.83sHa! Lois!
1.38sI can paint scenery.
1.33sCan I be in the show, Mom?
5.59sYes, you can be the dumpy teenager who stays backstage and cries because nobody finds her attractive.
1.12sHey, you guys.
1.4sPeter, guess what? I am gonna--
6.12sMe first! Mr. Weed said whoever comes up with the best idea for the big Christmas toy this year gets a huge bonus.