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1.08sWe sold out!
2.6sYeah. The whole town's talking about your show, Dad!
2.34sYour show? Peter, this is my show!
2.62sWhat's the big deal? You wanted to sell out, and we did.
1.47sI am through selling out.
3.34sI took this job because I wanted to create something beautiful,
1.57sand you've completely destroyed that!
2.88sYou want to be the director? Fine! I quit!
1.67sMe, direct?
1.63sI don't know what to say, except,
1.43s"I'm the king of the wor--"
2.37sMorning theater fans!
1.07sGood morning, Peter.
1.67sI made your favorite breakfast.
0.88sWhat the hell is this?
1.23sFrench toast.
2.57sI just made a few creative changes to the recipe.
1.84sI think it's a lot better now.
2sLois, if this is your idea of a joke,
1.52syou must write for Leno.
3.23sOh, oh, you know, It is so fashionable to take a shot at Jay Leno.