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1.5s"You must go to him.
2.44s"Lady Thiang, if he needs me,
2.59s"truly needs me, I will go to him."
1.7sCut! All wrong! No good!
1.93sPeter, what are you doing? She was wonderful.
1sMy ass.
1.94sBesides, I'm the director.
1.85sI-It just doesn't feel real, you know?
2.42sI mea-- I mean, Anna and Miss Thing both love the king, right?
2.84sOn Springer yesterday, they had "I won't share my husband,"
1.93sand these 2 women bitch-slapped each other.
1.28scrowd went nuts.
1.8sLoretta, wh-- why don't you try slapping Diane?
1.58sI think I can do that.
2.37sWait a minute. Nobody's slapping anybody.
3.12sThis is Rogers and Hammerstein, not trash T.V.!
2.18sI think Peter may be onto something.
2.67sSpringer is one of our station's highest-rated shows.
1.5sI don't know.
1.55sI thought you wanted to do a good show?
1.03sIf you want to do a bad show,
1.27swhy don't we just do Rent?
1.65sI guess we can try that--
3.7sCome on, Lois. Those-- Those hoop skirts make Diane look a little hippie, you know?
3.2sI--I was thinking we could dress her in a pair of sequined capri pants.
2.99sPeter, They didn't have capri pants in the 1860s.