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4.62sLet's start with the scene where Lady Thiang begs Anna to comfort the king.
2.03sOh, Are you playing Lady Thiang?
2.07sMm-hmm. I was supposed to be Anna.
4.1sOh. Well, They did an all-you-people version of Hello, Dolly that was very successful.
2.97sOk, let's go from the top of Scene 7.
2.9s"Oh, Mrs. Anna, the king needs you.
1.5s"You must go to him.
2.44s"Lady Thiang, if he needs me,
2.59s"truly needs me, I will go to him."
1.7sCut! All wrong! No good!
1.93sPeter, what are you doing? She was wonderful.
1sMy ass.
1.94sBesides, I'm the director.
1.85sI-It just doesn't feel real, you know?
2.42sI mea-- I mean, Anna and Miss Thing both love the king, right?