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0.93sOh, Peter.
1.23sOur top story tonight.
4.34sI will be playing the role of Anna in the Quahog Players production of The King and I.
1.67sThanks, Diane. in other news, I won't be going to the play,
1.6sbecause I'm sure it Will be lousy.
3.14sTom, I'm getting late word that you're a petty, jealous, closet case.
3.47sBit of breaking news. We now go live to Diane being a bitch. Diane?
1.53sBut Loretta's playing Anna,
1.67sand she's doing a great job.
3.09sLoretta's a nobody. Diane Simmons is a star.
1.85sLook, Lois, You wanted me to sell tickets, right?
3.64sWell, People who never even been in a theater'll come see A show with Diane Simmons.
2.59sI don't know, Peter, she's a news reporter.
3.47sHey, hey. Some of our greatest actors started in news, like Sean Penn.
4.65sToday's weather calls for, uh, breezy skies and sun, and there's gonna be a...
0.9sGet that...
1.92scamera outta my facE!