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2sHey, I recognize you from the television.
2.7sYou're Tom Tucker. I bet you can do this.
1.35sUh, Excuse me?
1.27sWill You Get out of here!
3.07sGet out of here! Go on, get out of here!
2.1sOh, wow! Diane Simmons!
1.75sYou don't look anything like the ad.
1.2sYou better be huge.
2.04sNo, I'm Peter Griffin, producer.
2.94sI'm presenting "Peter Griffin presents The King and I,"
1.33sa Peter Griffin production,
2.15sand I'm giving you the exclusive story.
2.95sLook, pal, some 2-bit community theater production isn't news.
1.03sWho's the star?
1.77sFor that matter, who the hell are you,
1.89sand why should I give a damn?
3.94sWow, I'm being interviewed by Diane Simmons!
2.34sWell, Lois, you told me to produce, and I did.
2.3sI got us a story on the 11:00 news.
0.93sOh, Peter.
1.23sOur top story tonight.
4.34sI will be playing the role of Anna in the Quahog Players production of The King and I.