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3.27sWow. I've never hugged a celebrity before.
2.8sExcept for Pearl Bailey at a book signing once,
3.2sbut then we later found out it wasn't actually her.
1.65sSiamese baby?
2.4sStewie Griffin does not play bit parts!
3.67sAw, You wanted a bigger part, didn't you, sweetie?
1.17sOh, To hell with you!
2.89sPerhaps I'll skip the stage and go directly to films!
1.5sWhat is that on your ear?
2.02sIs that-- Is that hair gel?
1.45sUh, Yeah.
1.3sOh, Great, 'cause I could use some.
1.2sno, no--No, don't!
1.02sI--i just ran out.
1.47sAw, Man! Chorus!
1.67sShoot, what a gyp!
2.9sThe King of Siam? Why-- Why, that's the lead!
1sThis is so unexpected!
0.93sHey, shut up!
2.89sThe King of Siam? Why-- Why, that's the lead!
1.83sUh, Lois, I think you made a mistake.
1.43sI'm not "The King."
2.34sI'm not "I," I'm not anybody.
1.72sSo, what? I had sex with you for nothing?