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1.88sOnly one man can stop him.
3.04sNo, one machine.
3.35sI am an Automaton Nuclear Neo-human Android.
2.57sYou may call me A.N.N.A.
2.29sI am a robot ninja from the planet England,
3.3swho is here to destroy you and free this land from your tyranny.
1.68sI've been expecting you, A.N.N.A.
2.05sALlow me to introduce my Siamese children.
6.81sI will not be swayed by your attempts to confuse my programming with your all-female sex orgy.
1.17sWe must kung fu fight!
1sSo be it, A.N.N.A.
2.13sI have slain the evil emperor.
4.57sI hereby proclaim Siam the United States of AmericA.
2.03sA.N.N.A. rules
3.4s'cause I kicked all the bad guys in their jewels