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1.87sSomeone radiant and sassy,
4.72swith the soul and the passion that can only come from hundreds of years of black oppression.
2.37sOh, Thank you, Peter. I'll do it.
2.05sGet over yourself. I was talking about me.
2.43sSu-su-sudio. Su-su-sudio. Su-su-suDio.
1.8s2 minutes, uh, everybody. 2 Minutes.
1.87s...Feh--feh--feh fi--fi--fi--fi fo--fo--fo--
1.1sJeez, full house.
3.1sWell, well, Look who came crawling back.
1.9sPeter, have you seen my wheelchair?
1.18sI don't get it, Mom.
1.87sIf you're so mad at Dad for wrecking your show,
1.5swhy did you come to opening night?
2.47sI came because I love the theater.
6.94sI mean, If I just came here to enjoy watching your father be humiliated when this asinine spectacle o' his is ridiculed by everyone in town,