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2sThe only thing you create before 9:00 a.m.
2.42sis exactly what you've turned my show into.
2.44sI think my work will speak for itselF.
2.12sOh, ha, ha! I just got that.
3.05sA poop joke? That's real creative, Lois.
1.68sOk, let's run this scene again.
1.98snow, Remember, Diane, you're playing Anna,
4.14sa steel-town girl on a Saturday night looking for the fight of her life.
1.33suh, Where does it say that?
1.37sIn my noodle.
2.65sOk, places. And... action!
2.18sStop! All wrong! All wrong!
1.95sGod, send me dancers.
2.5sWe've been rehearsing for hours. I'm exhausted!
2.34sI'm sorry, but we open this show in 3 hours,
1.43sand I don't think we're ready!
2.39sOf course we're not! You keep changing everything!
2.22sYou bet I do! Because theater is alive.
6.29sIt's a living, breathing creature with wants and needs and you're not man enough to satisfy her!