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2.45sHey! I need that!
4.44s"Office of the Solicitor General"? "Office of the Prime Minister"?
2.15s"Hopping Mad Collection Agency"?
1.68sWhat is all this stuff?
3.6sNothing. Some stupid country thinks I owe them money.
3.94sUh-oh. Bart, you better talk to Mom and Dad about this.
3.19sHey, guys, just so you don't hear any wild rumors,
2.27sI'm being indicted for fraud in Australia.
1.82sThat's no reason to block the TV.
2.2sOh, my.
2.34sBart, did you trick an Australian boy...
2.87sinto accepting a $900 collect call?
2.04sHmm. There it is.
3.34s"Australia." I'll be damned.
2.59sLook at this country!