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2.94sBart Simpson's office. Thank the great, good Lord.
1.93sI was just sa-- One moment, please!
5.3sWho do they think I am, some stupid Aussie drongo?
1.9sBleedin' Yanks. I oughta--
3.44s- This is Bart Simpson. Can I help you, ma'am? - Hey!
4.07sMy name is Bruno Drundridge, right? You owe me $900, mate!
1.93sNo, you owe me $900!
2.37sI-- YOu-- Ooh-- Y--
2.44sYou're just some punk kid, aren't ya?
3.44sYou picked the wrong guy to tangle with here, mate.
2.2sI don't think so.
1.93sYou're all the way in Australia.
3.1sHey, I think I hear a dingo eating your baby.
1.82sYeah, well, I-- Ooh!
4.64sOh! Oh, that's it. I'm gonna report this to me member of parliament.
3.89sHey! Gus! I got somethin' to report to ya!
2.23sThat's a bloody outrage, it is!
3.8sI'm gonna take this all the way to the prime minister.
3.07sHey! Mr. Prime Minister!