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2.22sOh, for the love of criminy! Give me that!
5.52sI know Bart did something wrong, but he's my son and I'm going to punish him myself.
2.12sOur countries may have their differences,
3.27sbut as human beings, I think we can all agree...
4.64sthere's no substitute for the discipline of a loving parent.
2.28sHe wants to talk to you.
3sMm-hmm. So we're in agreement. She won't be allowed near the phone again.
2.27sWe did it!
3.62sWe've worked out a compromise that will allow both nations to save face.
2.34sWe've argued them down to... a booting.
2.96sThe prime minister just wants to kick you once...
2.32sthrough the gate, with a regular shoe.
1.92sI believe it's a wing tip.
2.95sNo deal! This is my son we're talking about.
2.97sSure, he's not perfect. But who is in this workaday world?