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2.27sThat hotel's a dump, and your monopoly's pathetic.
1.93sThe school's oil well is not for sale,
2.64sparticularly to a black-hearted scoundrel like yourself.
1.87sI see.
3sThen I'll just have to... attack you!
4.07sI must have that oil.
4sSmithers, Smithers, help me subdue this... beast.
3.37sSorry, sir, this is all I could find. Take that and that!
2.47sPlease don't waste those.
2.1sI'm happy for the school.
2.82sIt sounds like this money is gonna provide a lot of new opportunities.
3.54sBig deal. They didn't approve my idea. They said it was unfeasible.
2.34sIt is unfeasible to resurrect the dead, Bart.
3.77sAnd even if the Three Stooges were alive, I doubt they'd wanna hang around with you.
3.17sYeah. I guess they'd probably wanna be with their families or something, huh?