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4.24sAnd this one I call A Live Dog Burying Dead Dog.
1.15sThis is a photograph!
0.87sOh, is it?
2.13sWait a minute! You saw the whole thing?
1.7sYes, indeed.
3.77s(LAUGHING) Boy! Have I been having some fun at your expense, old man!
1.37sHow could you do that to me?
2.8sDo you have any idea how upset I am about all this?
2.27sI killed one of my own kind, Stewie.
1.53sHow would you feel if you killed a baby?
4.77sWell, I've killed seven, but the point is you might feel better if you just confess to what you've done.
2.23s(SIGHING) Maybe you're right.
3.37sEveryone, I have something very important to tell you.
0.54sIs this about Meg's cervical cancer?
3.2s(LAUGHING) You always fall for that.
3.7sYou can't always fall for that. You just can't.