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1.6sFaster Than The Speed Of Love?
1.37sThey loved the book so much,
2.23sthey want to give me their most prestigious award.
1.53sLook, this is a really big deal.
1.97sIt'd be nice to get some support around here.
2.64sOh, I'm sorry, Brian. That's great news.
3.17sYeah. What channel will the awards ceremony be on?
3.3sOh, are they having an awards ceremony for how well you did the dishes last night?
2.7sHa! You got nothing going on.
4.1sHi, Brian. I'm Cathy from the book society. So glad you could come.
3.3sHi there. I... You know, I wasn't sure I had the right address.
1.13sPizza Parlor, huh?
2.47sYeah, the group loves this place.
1.87sOh, hey. This is fine. I like this place.
3.64sIt's... I'm a pizza dawg.