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1.94sDid we not have money for the Petercopter?
2.2sHey, did I say anything when you bought that iron?
3.4sWhatever. I want you to meet Consuela.
4.4sConsuela, this is my husband, Peter, and these are our children.
3.7sHello, Mr. Peter. Hello, Mr. children.
2.79sConsuela's gonna be our new housekeeper.
2.34sWhy is she wearing makeup like she's going out?
1.7sIs this going out for them?
1.83sHey, where are you going all dressed up?
3sOh, nowhere important, just this special dinner in my honor.
3.8sIt's being thrown by the Rhode Island Society for Special Literary Excellence.
2.44sWhat's that? Nobody said anything, Brian.
2.03sOh, I thought someone just asked why they are honoring me.
2.3s- No. Nobody asked that. - Oh, okay.