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1.97sNo, Quagmire. We're not asposed to...
2.6s(GASPING) LOIS: I'm home, Peter!
1sOh, hi, Glenn.
1.72sPeter, can you help me with the...
2.05sOh, Peter Griffin!
2.7sPeter, you come out here right now and clean up this mess!
2.44sPETER: No! You said I could have two friends over.
1.97sAnd I didn't. Joe couldn't come.
3.07sSo, I only had one friend over and it was just me and Quagmire,
2.84sand I said we could make Kool-Aid instead of the other friend.
1.6sYou come out here right now!
3.44sPETER: Bonnie's way cooler than you! Joe has computer games!
2.85sPeter, it took me a half-hour to clean up all that Kool-Aid.
4.34sI am sick as hell of you constantly making a mess of this house and having to clean up after you.
1.4sSo, I hired a maid.
1.7sWhat? Are you nuts? We don't have the money for that.
2.39sOh, really? And what about the Petercopter?
1.94sDid we not have money for the Petercopter?
2.2sHey, did I say anything when you bought that iron?