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3.77sNo people were killed, but the burned body of a dog was found inside.
3.59sThe tag on the collar says he lived here. I'm sorry.
2.44sOh, my God! Brian!
2.33sWhat the hell happened?
1.53sBrian's dead!
3.09sHey, come here. Got something you'll want to see.
2.45sI can't believe Brian's dead.
3.92sMy best friend in the whole world and he's gone.
5.92s(CRYING) You know, Peter, I think he was also my best friend.
2.15sHe was the smartest person I knew.
2.97sNothing will ever be the same again.
3.49sWow! I guess my life does have meaning.
3.7sI never realized how important I was to this family.
1.84sWait a second. Just to prove a point to me,
2.67syou burned down a liquor store and murdered a dog?