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2.2swe have to get more money in the pockets...
2.27sBut Republicans are saying this increase is gonna, in fact,
6.3sput more people out of work and make it harder for American employers to compete in the global marketplace. Wouldn't it?
2.3sWould... Senator, wouldn't it... Senator, would... Would...
1.9sChris, if I... Senator, let me finish.
2.2sMy forehead, my rules.
1.6sLet's go to Los Angeles. Big actor,
2.82splayed the father in That '70s Show, Kurtwood Smith.
1.05sHow's it going, Kurtwood?
1.8sGood. Thanks for having me.
3.09sQuagmire, it's so awesome that you could come over after work today.
2.6sI know. I'm so psyched. Hey, let's make some Kool-Aid.
1.45sNo. We got to wait for Lois to do it.
1.6sNo, we don't. I know how to make Kool-Aid.
1.97sNo, Quagmire. We're not asposed to...
2.6s(GASPING) LOIS: I'm home, Peter!
1sOh, hi, Glenn.