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2.74sDJ ON RADIO: Good day to you. And welcome to All Things Considered,
3.84sa show where we talk very softly and right into the mic.
3.7sDo you hear that? I'm whispering right in your ear.
3.3sI'm right in your ear. Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.
5.72s(WHIMPERING) MAN: Won't you please do your part to help? Thank you.
2.38sWow! Inspiring stuff.
1.6sNow, underneath each one of your chairs,
4.07syou'll find a pamphlet with a simple list of animal rights dos and don'ts.
1.85sWait a minute. I'm not allowed to have steak?
2.12sWell, no. Steak is made by killing cattle.
1.68sNo medical research?
2.84sBut how are we supposed to find cures for disease?
4.3sWell, there are many more promising research methods for curing disease than animal testing.