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2.05sHmm, touchÉ.
3.24sWell, it looks like we have our first caller.
2.94sAnd I mean ever, because this is not a call-in show.
0.62sHello. You're on the air.
1.77sHello, Kent.
2.87sHello, Homer, my arch nemesis.
2.6sUh... you do realize who this is.
1.93sUh... Marge?
4.67sNo, Homer, I'm not your wife, although I do enjoy her pearls.
3.04sAs a matter of fact, I'm holding them right now.
3.25sWhy, you monster! And you have my daughter's saxophone too!
2.49sHomer! That's our stage manager!
2.42sOh. Sorry. I'm a little nervous.
2.4sIt may interest you to know that for my next crime,
3sI'll be pinching the pride and joy of the Springfield Museum,