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1.9sHey, the burglar left his calling card.
4.12s"You have just been robbed by the Springfield Cat Burglar."
1.02sHidilly-ho, neighboreenos.
2.4sCan't talk. Robbed. Go hell.
2.08sYou folks got robbed too?
2.54sThe burglar took my Shroud of Turin beach towels.
2.1sWow! It's a crime wave.
5.07sGood Lord! My Stormin' Norman commemorative plates stolen! Again.
3.05sHey, I thought I had more stuff than this.
2sWe are insured, aren't we, Mom?
3.62sHomer, tell your child what you bought when I sent you to town to get insurance.
3.85sCurse you, magic beans! Stop blaming the beans.
2.42sHello, police? Are you sitting down? Good!
1.78sI wish to report a robbery.
2.64sA robbery, right. Thanks for the report.