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2.07sEverybody, go nuts. I'm buyin'!
2.47sHey, handsome, send the bill to my dad.
4sOkay, but the last guy who charged a drink to Burns turned up in a landfill.
2.57sYeah, but it was worth it.
2.6sHey, what's everybody in this burg have against my dad?
2.64sHe's a pussycat. I tell you, he's a doll-baby.
2.13sCome on over. I'll show you.
4.47sAh, this is some party. If it gets any livelier, a funeral's gonna break out.
2.57sQuiet, you. Nobody likes a comedian.
4.5sGeez! Come on, Dad, we got company. Make with the yakety-yak-yak.
2sOh, yakety-yak-yak.
4.77s- You, food bag, do you have a son? - Yes, sir, I do.