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3.4sLearning the family business. I'm Larry Burns, the boss's son.
2.17sOh, relax. I don't wanna work.
2.7sI'm so lazy I took lessons on a player piano.
2.03sWow! That's really lazy.
3.77sLazy, you're not kidding. Why, I'm like a rug on Valium. I'm talking lazy.
2.57sSo lazy.
4.14sAnd Larry and I have so much in common, Marge, way more than you and me.
4.8sIf I could be stranded on an island with anyone, it would definitely be Larry.
3.3sI think we've heard enough about Larry Burns for one evening.
3.8sWhy? It's not like anything interesting happened to anyone else today.
2.57sHey, Pop, this crowd is pretty swanky.
3.1sI'm not gonna fit in here. Nonsense, Larry.
1.93sYour blood is bluer than any of theirs.
3.1sjust give them a snootful of the old Burns charm.